Our Story

Our Story

Hi, our names are Steve & Lisa Earle and this is our Story.

Like most of us, my wife and I both grown up with pets.  In fact, I can’t ever remember a time except college that I did not have a pet or four in my home.  Maybe that is one of the reasons my wife Lisa and I have been married for over 23 years.

My love of Labs started at 17 when I brought home a Lab mix from the pound, mostly without ever asking permission from my mom.  Soon we were both in love with him and his nature.  Not really sure what else this adorable lump of fur was but the one thing that stands out in my memory the most is that he could clear a 5 ft. chain link fence with nothing but his back feet hitting the top.  That was Bo.

Fast forward 25 years, several more dogs and cats later.  I am now married with 2 wonderful children, Alex and Koby with 3 dogs and a cat living happily under one roof, all inside animals, even the kids. On 4-18-2011 our family suffered a terrible tragedy.  Our home burned, killing all our pets and destroying everything in the world we held dear except each other.

One day shortly after the fire driving home from work I felt the overwhelming desire and loneliness of not having any Labs.  Two of the dogs we lost in the fire were Labs.  I asked around if anyone knew of a good breeder we could get a Lab puppy from with one specific condition, a birth-date of 4-18-2011.

Made one call to a local breeder in area, whom a co-worker said sold Labs.  To my disbelief he had just had a litter of 2 females and 2 males born on that day.  That afternoon we went to see them, fell in Love and put a deposit of both females.

The next several weeks were very hard, had we made the right decision, so quickly after the fire, could we find a rental that would accept dogs, and yearning for the day we could bring them home.

None of the dogs we had ever had before were of the quality and frankly the price we paid for these babies and the added fee to be able to breed and AKC register their puppies.  As time passed we realized the difference.  The Labs we had the grace of having before, I had always consider to be goofy, yet extremely loving until they were about 5 years old.  Not these, they by far are the smartest pets of any kind either my wife or I have ever owned.  We now understand the difference in learning ability to be a family pet or trained to become a master hunter.

One of our biggest dreams since we were first married was to own property as we both had grown up back in the sticks as it were.  In November of 2013 we realized that dream when we purchased 5 acres in the Conroe area.

It was at that time the idea of breeding our Ladies became a possibility and so it begins with our first litter born on 6-25-15.

This is our story and this is our site.  (Both still growing and changing so come back often)  Our goal is to breed quality Labs to place in loving homes so that others can enjoy the love, companionship and in our case the healing our sisters have brought into our lives over the past 6 years.

God Bless